A “Honeymourn” is a healing, culminating process at the end of a relationship where two partners (honeymourners) acknowledge their contributions to the other’s evolution, celebrate their time together and lovingly let go of each other. It can be any protected allocation of time–a trip, discussion, dinner or other event where the honeymourners acknowledge the goodness in their relationship and see the best in each other instead of the worst. It is an intentional space and time to be present with each other about what they loved about the other, how they grew, what they will miss and how they want to relate in the future.

According to the “Recency Effect” that was first discovered by psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, one best recalls the most recent information presented. Thus, it makes sense that in most cases where the relationship had deteriorated over time, most individuals only remembers the worst of each other.  A honeymourn leverages the recency effect, ending the relationship on a high note, encouraging honeymourners to move through the breakup with grace and respect, leaving their baggage in the past rather than carrying it into future relationships.

Honeymourns are not for the faint of heart. It’s not for everyone. It is for people who mutually, respectfully and lovingly decided to part ways.

A Honeymourn is NOT for you if:

  • If you are in a toxic, emotionally or physically abusive relationship
  • If one person was blind-sighted by the breakup or is resentful of the other
  • If one person is trying to get back together

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